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What are our clients say about us

My name is Barbara Zielnik and I’ve been Vivian’s patient for over a year and I visit the Natural Power regularly.

The simple reason why i’m going there very often and seeking Vivian’s help is because she always helps me.  She is very knowledeable, always takes time to listen to you, never rushes, always explains what treatment I need and why and never promises treatment if she thinks it’s not going to work.

I came to her first time with a very bad, chronic sinus infection.  My nose was completely blocked – I was not able to breathe through my nose.  I was always tired because I was not breathing properly.  She didin’t promise wonders but told me that I needed a few sessions to clear it up.  At first I was sceptical because I’ve had the problem for years and medical doctors were not able to help me.  I even went through sinus surgery and it didn’t help either.

To my surprise, after first session I could feel that my sinuses were a little better.  After about 9 sessions my nose is clear for  the first time in 10 years and stays clear.  I haven’t had any sinus infectiuon since and haven’t taken any antibiotics for a year.

She also helps me with other problems even with simple headache.

She truly cares about helping people.  I very much recommend Natural Power for everyone.  Everyone should try it and I guarantee that no one is going to regret it.

Barbara Zielnik

October, 19, 2011