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About Us

Meet Our Doctor Vivian Le

Doctor Vivian Le is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as being a registered acupuncturist and Master Herbalist.

Born in Vietnam, of Chinese parents, Doctor Le is also a 3rd generation herbalist. When growing up during the war in Vietnam in the 1960’s, Vivian knew that resources and access to medicine were scare.   During this time, out of necessity, Vivian made many trips into the local mountains and plains with her grandmother and mother to collect wild herbs. As a consequence, these trips provided Vivian with  early first-hand experience and education into the use of various herbs, how to pick the best plants, and how to taste, wash and prepare them without destroying their medicinal benefits.  These early experiences, and her family’s extensive background in ancient health care traditions, would eventually lead Vivian into a lifelong learning and educational commitment in the health care field in Canada.

Fortunately, Vivian’s family eventually escaped from Vietnam and immigrated to Canada where, in 1988, her family opened their first Edmonton Chinese Herb Centre. Vivian helped with the business and apprenticed as a practitioner of TCM and herbal medicine under the auspices of her father, an accomplished and locally recognized doctor of TCM. Doctor Vivian Le has over 25 years of working experiences in Edmonton,

Doctor Vivian Le is a graduate of Edmonton, Alberta’s MacEwan University , which is the only public university in Canada that offers a 3 year acupuncture diploma.  To achieve this diploma one needs a total of 5 years post-secondary education  with 2 years of post secondary study as prerequisites.

Doctor Vivian Le has post-graduate training in advanced acupuncture needling techniques for “Motor Point” musculoskeletal treatment, facial rejuvenation acupuncture and tuina (massage) manipulation.  She has also been trained and certified in Auricular  medicine acupuncture by Doctor Beate Stittmatter, who is a German Auricular Medicine expert.

Doctor Vivian Le took over Natural Power Herbals from her predecessor, the late Doctor Ben Le. Since that time, Doctor Vivian Le has successfully treated many clients using Traditional Chinese Medicine and remains passionately committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise to promote health and well-being in her clients.